These States Have the Most Snake Bites in America


Known for the Arizona Diamondbacks, sees an average of 102 snake bites annually, reflecting its diverse wildlife and vast desert landscapes where encounters with snakes are common.


Situated in the Midwest, reports around 115 snake bites per year, indicative of its rural landscape with grasslands and woodlands providing habitats for various snake species.


Experiences approximately 143 snake bites annually, reflecting its varied terrain encompassing forests, mountains, and farmland, offering diverse habitats for snakes.

South Carolina:

Located in the South, records an average of 184 snake bites per year, highlighting its lush forests, swamps, and coastal areas rich in snake diversity.


Registers about 206 snake bites annually, showcasing its diverse ecosystems ranging from prairies to forests, providing ample habitats for a wide range of snake species.


Records around 208 snake bites each year, reflecting its warm climate, extensive woodlands, and wetlands that serve as ideal habitats for snakes.

West Virginia:

Experiences approximately 210 snake bites annually, indicating its wooded hills, mountains, and rural landscapes that are home to various snake species.


In the West, with about 221 snake bites annually, reflecting its varied topography ranging from deserts to forests and mountains, offering diverse habitats for a wide array of snake species. 3.5