7 Best Exercises That Help You To Reduce Belly Fat

Aerobic or Cardio Exercise: Doing active exercise, also known as aerobics, for at least 30 minutes every day is the first thing you should do to get rid of abdominal fat.

HIIT or Interval Training: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and interval training are types of exercise that mix short bursts of hard work with lower-intensity moves and rest times.

Weight and Resistance Training: Another important way to lose belly fat is to lift weights. Having more toned muscles can help you burn more fat because muscles burn more calories.

Workouts for the Lower Abs: The objective of these workouts is to build key parts of the lower abs so that you have better posture, stability, and balance in everyday life.

Mountain Climbers: You work your core and your whole body when you do mountain climbers. Also, they are a type of aerobics, which means that they make your heart beat faster.

Crunches: A lot of the time, crunches come to mind when people think of workouts for the lower abs. You can work out both your upper and lower abs with these low-impact moves. 

Scissor Kicks: The lying leg raise workout is a lot like this one. You lift one leg at a time, though, not both at once.  Start by lying on your back with your feet together and both legs stretched out.